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Kutch Mahila Kalyan Kendra (“KMKK”), women's welfare center was established on dated 14/10/1954. The idea behind the establishment of this organization is to give shelter to women and children for orphans, destitute, tyakata, sad widow and other society peoples who are in pain. The establishment of self-organization. Mr. Shukla badrinathaji Mundra - in Kutch. Then they take the organization as the Bhuj-Kutch. The organization was started for widowed sister of the socity. The founder Umiyasankarabhai Gore and his brothers donated their land, had available at sarapatanaka gate to start KMKK organization. Thereafter, the organization was supported by different donors to develop rooms for girls, godiya home, kitchen, office room, the other rooms and courtyards, and royal temple in the premise of the KMKK. Thereafter in 2009 organization trust renwed children's rooms, innovation and facilities required.

The headquarter of Department of Social Welfare Gandhinagar have given licensed to run the organization. And Shelter Home, Children's Home, creche is run. The Institute of Social Security account by Kara Adoption Research Agency, has received a license to Gandhinagar in Gujarat adopted. This organization is a semi-government organization.

Mr. Badrinath Shukla native of Gorakhpur, UP region. He had always fought for women that were in pain and had challenges in the socity. His wife was with him in this respect. During the service function, their only son died at a young. However, they continued to work in the service.

Mr. Badrinath Shukla died in 1960. The organization's girls and sisters addresses them as "father". After his death, his wife Shukla chandrajyotiba built a strong foundation of the good work. As she was addressing them all. She died in 1992. Trustees are performing ahead of their functions.